Bansuri Exercises 1 - Simple Scales

Dexterity Exercises 1:
Once a good command of each note has been achieved, these exercises can be played to build dexterity;

Blending the notes together, especially on the descending scale is a good practice. To blend, replace and remove fingers slowly.

Do not breath in the middle of an ascending or descending phrase.
Practice at different speeds to increase agility.
These practices will form the basis of advanced playing and should be learned thoroughly.

Re-Sa    Ga-Re    Ma-Ga    'Pa-Ma    'Dha-'Pa1    'Ni1-'Dha    'Sa-'Ni    'Re-'Sa

'Ni-'Sa1    'Dha-'Ni    'Pa-'Dha    Ma-'Pa    Ga-Ma    Re-Ga    Sa-Re    Ni-Sa

Start slow and build speed - This should be done with all exercises.
From here on the notes will be shown in abbreviated form.

Warm up 2: 
The 'root' notes are shown large to reveal the pattern, each note should be played at the same level. Start at the root note and move up 2 on the scale. Then start with the next note and move up 2 etc. The descending follows the same logic backwards.

S-R-G R-G-M G-M-'P M-'P-'D 'P-'D-'N 'D-'N-'S
'S-'N-'D'N-'D-'P 'D-'P-M 'P-M-G M-G-R G-R-S

Warm up 3:
This is the same concept as warm up 2, but we play 3 notes from the root, which will lessen the number of patterns we can play before we reach the first octave of Sa.

S-R-G-M R-G-M-'P G-M-'P-'D M-'P-'D-'N 'P-'D-'N-'S
'S-'N-'D-'P 'N-'D-'P-M 'D-'P-M-G 'P-M-G-R M-G-R-S

Warm up 4:
The same again, but we play 4 notes from the root.

S-R-G-M-'P1 R-G-M-'P-'D G-M-'P-'D-'N M-'P-'D-'N-'S
'S-'N-'D-'P-M 'N-'D-'P-M-G 'D-'P-M-G-R 'P-M-G-R-S

Warm up 5:
The same again, but we play 5 notes from the root.

S-R-G-M-'P-'D R-G-M-'P-'D-'N G-M-'P-'D-'N-'S
'S-'N-'D-'P-M-G 'N-'D-'P-M-G-R 'D-'P-M-G-R-S

Warm up 6:
The same again, but we play 6 notes from the root.

S-R-G-M-'P-'D-'N R-G-M-'P-'D-'N-'S
'S-'N-'D-'P-M-G-R 'N-'D-'P-M-G-R-S